I think every artist has drawn at a young age. I got more serious when I changed school at the age of 15 and meet a girl, who did draw manga. We both didn’t talk much at first, but I always found her and her friends to be very interesting and wondered how I could become their friends. Over ten years I can still say that we are friends and even though she doesn’t really seem to realize this: But she brought me to art, books and manga and I will forever be greatful for that.

At the same time I have to mention my other female friend from that time. Even though she always says she is not creative person, she did always understand me and my art. Or tried:D

You know, people shift your view in life and I ca not say that I wouldn’t be here now without them deciding to be my friends back then. <3

Seriously, it took me 10 years on deviantart and then tumblr to finally get a bigger audience. To finally be more focused about art and I did practice A LOT. 10 years where I switched from Paint Tool SAI to Photoshop, from manga to semi realism to more realism, from school to work.

I never went to a school where they teached me how to draw, but I have quite some knowledge about all the Adobe Programs due to me studying communication design in Germany. The rest was all try and error.


Some questions I used from Loish’s FAQ. They were so interesting I couldn’t help it. https://loish.net/faq/#unanswered
I’ve known her art for such a long time and she is definitely someone I look up to as a person.

So I will talk about a view topic which I was already asked a lot.


The Internet always gave me inspiration. I look at picture and then an idea/ a theme pops into my head. On Deviantart my main inspirations back then were Saimain, Sakimichan, Yuumei and Deejuusan. Espesially the last two are people I look up to the most. They don’t only create images, they also write stories and combine it to something truely magnificent.
Another inspiration comes from anime and disney movies and of course I cannot leave out phantasy books here.

Developing ones own style

I don’t ever think I spent a second thought about how to achieve my own style. It will just happens, believe me!

Using references

Never stop using them. You can’t always draw from imagination. I use a lot of photos.

Learning how to draw….

weather it’s anatomy or faces or animals. As you practise drawing your hand becomes more stable and you become more comfortable in drawing with a specific medium. That’s my experience. But most importantly it’s your journey! Feel free to experiment, take your time, find out what you like to draw most and just draw it. It’s the passion and the way to get there which you should enjoy the most and it’s what will keep you going.

How long do I take

How I hate that question. It’s like putting your amazing art into plain numbers. It’s still significant at some point if you want to work as a proffessional. It takes me 3-5 hours to draw a simple artwork without much background. The rest is from 20 hours to up to 40 hours and open end :D.


I use Photoshop CC and a wacom tablet. To start out with a simple tablet without screen can be a struggle, but it is the best thing to get started! I also created a brush that use constantly in Photoshop, but I hardly use other brushes. They can be helpful but they often don’t do the work for me. I use Adobe Illstrator/Indesign for my Logo and editorial Stuff.


Sorry, but my answer is experience and institution. I just feel what I have to do and art is a matter of taste, so I don’t really know what to say here.

Blending colours

for Photoshop keyboard users: use I (Eye-Dropper Tool) and B (Brush Tool) - repeat 10. 000 times ;)
Opacity: I often use something between 30 - 60%


It’s nice to watch them, but everyone has their own way of drawing and I don’t think copying some specific techniques is my way to get better. I would rather look at some art I feel inspired by and figure out a way how I can combine a specific way of drawing (like choosing an interesting colour or light setting) into my own art in my own way. I also use many refrences at a time.
I don’t see a lot of artist talking about watching many tutorials, so why should you watch and read so much about tutorials?

Drawing every day/ art blocks

If I would draw 24/7 I would have burnt out long ago. I think it’s also why I hardly have art blocks. I’ll take things slow. I have some days in a week which I only use for drawing. But there are others only for friends and doing workout. The pressure of seeing other amazing artists posting regulary and to grow as an aritst is very high on social media. I highly doubt a person can draw nonestop and still feel at peace with oneself. For me human life is all about balance, that’s what my father always used to tell me and that’s what I tell you! People need a certain contact to the outside world in order to be socializing. Or another personal example: I used to draw a lot back in school as I had more time in general. I suffer from back ache since then. Why? Because I never did any workouts, because I kept going when my body screamed at me to stop. So now I have to do sport at least 2 times in a week in order to not have any pain. There is also a case where the artist Yuumei injured her hand and couldn’t draw for a long time and I know that there are more. Therefore drawing daily is nuts. you need to make breaks. Be it the weekend or after you finished a big projects. Just take time off. Your inspiration will thank you. And if you have to draw cause you get paid for it. Try to organaize yourself and set times where you draw where you don’t and stick to them. And if you don’t make enough money with all this breaks, I have to tell you that your pricing is way too cheap!


Using my Art

You can always use my art for personal use: as wallpaper, tattoo etc. If you use it for social media, please credit me so people can find me, if they want to. What it not allowed is to use my artwork for commercial use in any way without my permission and to sell it. If you are insecure you can always contact me about it.:)